How to research ruby/rails code

hello all, as I am exploring ruby/rails functionality

how do you research ruby/rails code?

cause you can’t ctrl click to navigate to relate code like in Java IDE,

and I checked out GNU Global but it seems only handle C/C++ code

not ruby code(while good for examing C part of ruby source).

So how to you explore or research ruby/rails code?

I’m not sure exactly what you are asking for but by the sounds of it, you’re asking how to navigate ruby on rails code? I think that depends on what platform and development environment you are using. If could be worth you checking out RadRails ( which is a Rails-oriented IDE based on Eclipse. If you are Mac/OSX based, then it could be worth taking a look at Textmate (

Hope this is relevant/helpful


hello Alastair , I'm using RadRails, but I can't navigate to the source of method, like when developing java in Idea or Eclipse, you can ctrl + click one method to navigate to its definition, it's very convenient for you to see the source of other open-source project or jdk's source.So I want to ask how to do this in ruby/rails related environment. (don't know whether I clarify these, I will give a example, say, I'am following the 'agile web development with rails' and generate scaffold of Product, and I am wondering what happen behind the scenes, so i open the new.rhtml, _form.rhtml to see, and see _form.rhtml invoke text_field ,text_area method, and I want to follow into these method to see exactly what these method does.Regards

femto femto wrote:

how do you research ruby/rails code? cause you can't ctrl click to navigate to relate code like in Java IDE

Try exuberant ctags: It can handle countless languages, and the tag format is recognized by most power editors. In emacs you would do M-. RET (that's alt-. enter), in vi it would be C-].

Other editors like jedit, crisp, ultredit can also make use of the ctags output.