How to make index.html share with standard-layout.rhtml?

I can make all my pages in app/view share the same look and feel by
using standard-layout.rhtml.

However, when I go the root url: http://localhost:3000/ I get the
/public/index.html. It does not share the same layout. I currently hard
coded in index.html to make it look and feel the same.

I believe that I must miss something simple and obvious, please help!

Create a default controller for "", say "home_controller" with an 'index' action.

./script/generate controller home index

Then adjust config/routes.rb to include this near the top:

map.connect '', :controller => "home"

Then take the *content* in public/index.html and put it in app/views/home/index.rhtml.

Then remove public/index.html.

Then make sure it all works :slight_smile: Once it works, add the following line to your HomeController (outside/above 'dev index'):

   caches_page :index

Then just remember that if you change app/views/home/index.rhtml you need to remove public/index.html.

Good luck!