Where does index.html (home) fit into RoR?

The page that loads when no controller name is given in the URL is the
public/index.html page (eg: http://localhost:3000/)

Now this is a pure HTML page so I cannot use any link_to tags or yield
tags, etc.

My navigation bar is in my application layout
(app/views/layouts/application.html.erb). This is what provides the
ability to navigate.

So how do I access this layout if the home page that loads is index.html
which has no reference to any of my rails views?

Basically I want to know how to create a "home" page with rails (without
always having to type controller/action in the URL.

Thanks in advance.

And remarkably, on the default Rails "home" page are three points
under "Getting started", the last being

3. Set up a default route and remove or rename this file

     Routes are setup in config/routes.rb.

You might want to look at -- i.e., read the comments in -- that file.