how to keep up with Rails?


I have a issue with Rails and the constant new versions that are coming
out such as Rails 2.1. It seems that commands such as below seem to
change as new versions are being released.

For example the controller below does not work anymore at least with

class MyTestController < ApplicationController
  def Index
    render :text => "Hello, World!"

Any ideas on how to keep up with the changes?


A few options for you:

1. Become an avid learner... and soak in things as they go into edge
so you're ahead of the curve. A good resource for this is:

2. Freeze whatever version of rails you're comfortable with into your
vendor folder. A quick google search for "freeze rails" will give you
lots of good resources including this one:

3. Use a platform that changes less. PHP or Java come to mind but I'm
not too familiar with either. I highly discourage this route :smiley:

Hey Brian -

The Rails Envy podcast ( is a great way to keep up.
The show notes are useful even if you don't listen to the podcast.

At BuildingWebApps ( we post links to
singificant new blog posts and such as we find them.