how to install and use subversion successfully on windows xp

hi guys can anyone tell how to install subversion on windows xp for use with instantrails?

the documentation that comes with the download is unfathomable please help!!


Just run the windows binary:-)

Yes its easy to do.. Having a tigris ui is really easy way..

However i've installed NetBeans 6.0 and its "unintegrable: with svn, while working on windows. It just not see svn files, (svn running fine in command promt, with PATH set)..

does someone saw solution ?

I always use TortoiseSVN on Windows:


Make sure you're running a recent release of NetBeans from I'm using 4514 this morning. Beta 1 is obsolete, you definitely don't want to to be running it.

Did you set the path in Tools > Options > Misc > Versioning > Subversion? Mine is set to:

Specify the SVN home folder: C:\subversion\bin

And I have subversion installed in c:\subversion. Notice that netbeans says it wants the home folder, but really what it wants is the folder containing the svn binaries.

(FYI, you're probably better off asking NetBeans questions on the NetBeans Ruby users list:

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