How to develope a standalone application in Rails

I have developed a rails 3.1 application with mysql, accessable by
However, I also need a version of the same application used standalone
on the users PC or MAC, i.e a form of an off-line mode, for those
users that demand full controle of their data

Can that be done ? My requiremets are
- a local database
- an application that is easy to install and not require separate
installations of ruby, rails, webserver, mysql or sqlite etc
- an application that runs both on PC and MAC

What I need is a railsapplication that any user can install with a few
commands and that works locally as a standalone application or as a
rails application in production mode, using a local database and the
web-browser locally.
Is that possible ?

Take a look at


It sounds like what you want is InstantRails however it only works on Windows and has not been updated recently. It works fine on Windows to support a stand-alone app with a little tweaking.

What was that offline Rails framework that Joyent created a few years back? I know they open-sourced it, but I forget what it was called or whether it survived the jump to Rails 3.


Can it be slingshot ?


That was it. And I was conflating that with Connector, which they did open-source: along with a huge "this probably won't work in 3 unless you completely re-write it". As far as I can tell, slingshot is nowhere to be found.


Thanks for all comments
link seems promising but it was written 200 and much has happened with
both rails and ruby since then, so it might not be up to date

My main conclusion from you comments is that it is possible but there
is no offline Rails framework available today, for rails 3 and for
ruby 1.9

Is that correct ???

I have not used Rails 3.x but with 2.3 I use Instant Rails as a prepackaged system MS Windows. It is basically impossible to have a prepackaged system that runs on Mac and Windows because of the incompatibility of their systems. On InstantRails (available from I upgraded the version of ruby and I just freeze the rails and all the gems I can. Take a look at it and see if 2.3.15 will satisfy your requirements. You may be able to upgrade InstantRails to support 3.x but I have not done that yet.