how to deploy rails app to a vps

Hi K Nile

If you want a hosting site which assists in deployment then Heroku is an obvious choice but it’s not a VPS. helps you set up heroku style deploys to VPS’s or your own servers.

Some quality VPS’s you could look at are sold by:

If you can give us more of an idea of what kind of resources your app will need we can help you find the right VPS provider.

Thanks, Daniel.

like in my site is a user based site whr user can upload things, so want to know whether a vps or a shared web host would fulfill the needs.

Start with heroku. its the easiest and free for trying out.

Once its deployed on heroku, Based on the issues or limitations that you are facing on heroku decide as to whether you need a VPS or shared hosting or any other managed hosting services.

like heroku only has 5mb internal memory na , like my site is based on a user based and a user can upload data, so the space wont be enough na thats why planning to use a vps or a shared web host

Say what?

like i read about the memory once in an article,why isnt it true? , how much does heroku offer in terms of memory

Please read Heroku’s documentation.That is always better than some article you once read.