How do you *nix users test for IE quirks?

I use VMWare Workstation on my Linux desktop and now VMWare
Fusion on my new MacBook Pro.

And with the new OS X virtual desktops ("Spaces") it's easy to just
park a Windows VM or two in a dedicated Space for testing.


If I'm running Mongrel on localhost:3000 (on my Mac), from a Parallels VM I'd access I just checked my two VMs, and one is bridged and the other is shared, so that doesn't seem to make a difference.


I guess you have to pay for the license for the copy of Windows you
run in the VM. That sucks. I hate MS so much.

Want a free way to test for IE quirks? Wait for people using IE to use your site and let them complain about all the quirks. Give them a phone number that they can contact “your support line” on, where it actually being the direct like to Microsoft Internet Explorer’s lead developer.

I do this...

..using two VMs. One for XP/IE6, the other XP/IE7.


No-one else seems to have mentioned it, but there is always Multiple IE:
Lets you install multiple copies of IE in one copy of Windows, given that you might have to pay a license for each VM copy of windows you use this could be more cost-effective.