How do you *nix users test for IE quirks?

From Parallels you see the IP of your mac in the local network.

Xavier is spot on here. You fire up Paralles and point your browser to the host's (the Mac) IP address on your internal network. Remember to include the port number (typically 3000) that your mongrel or webrick is running on. This is how I do it. I have one parallels vm with IE 6, Safari 3, and FireFox, and another with IE 7, Safari 3, and Firefox (so I can test Safari and/or FF in either VM). I'm planning on adding Opera at some point. I'm also going to add a VM or two for (K)Ubuntu so i can do quick tests on Konqueror and Galeon (or whatever the Gnome browser is called). I know the market share for some of these other browser's is pretty small, but I'd like to say that the sites I create work well in them. I support IE because I *have* to. I support the others because I *want* to.


Hi, I’m using VMWare Fusion to test IE, Firefox, and Safari under Windows Vista.

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