How do I speed up RSPEC?

I am setup on Mac (OS X) using RSPEC (version 1.0.8) for my tests.
This is the first
time I have used RSPEC before but it is running my tests extremely
slowly. I was trying to use 'Autotest' with Growl, but even just
the specs in my Terminal window is taking about a minute. Is a minute
normal for 40 tests? They are just the generic tests created from

Here is the code printed when I run my test:
/usr/local/bin/ruby -S script/spec -O spec/spec.opts spec/models/
weather_spec.rb spec/views/weathers/show.rhtml_spec.rb spec/
controllers/weathers_controller_spec.rb spec/views/weathers/
new.rhtml_spec.rb spec/views/weathers/edit.rhtml_spec.rb spec/helpers/
weathers_helper_spec.rb spec/views/weathers/index.rhtml_spec.rb

Finished in 49.875295 seconds

45 examples, 0 failures

What can I do to speed this up? Is this normal? I was thinking that
0.9 seconds was normal.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

I am working on Mac OS X Version 10.4.11; 2 Gigs RAM; 1.67 GHz PPC. I
actually don't know that much about tests. I am trying to get
comfortable with Test-Driven Development, but I feel like the learning
curve is very large.

I have noticed an improvement in speed with some more resources freed
up on my computer. I am actually not using any fixtures at this point
yet. I just ran an RSPEC scaffold and generated the specs that way.

I have another question about TextMate's tests with the RSPEC bundle,
but will probably open a new thread for it.

Thanks for your response Ryan.