how do i open virtual rails with vdi file extension?

i just downloaded virtual rails1.1.vdi I need to know what software
or zip extracter do I need to open took me nearly five hours
to download this program geeeez!!!

This is a VMWare image… You need the free VMWare Player…

i downloaded the oracle vm virtual box a while ago can i use that to
open it or just use the VM Ware player?

Oops… I got those backwards… VDI is for VirtualBox…

So, you shouldn’t have any problem importing it into VirtualBox right??

Virtual Box is what you need, follow the directions on the virtual rails site, and you will be up and running in no time.


yeah i beleive your right im so new at do i open it with
virtual box?

thanx im gonna look at the virtual rails site now..

Hi Rich,

Jason is right, you'll find all you need to install and run
VirtualRails on our "Getting Started Page" :

Feel free to email me if you have questions or problems :slight_smile: