How can I run URLwithout using port ?


I have developed 2-3 sample ruby application...

and my server name is like

Now when I run one of my the ruby application say "first_app", then I have to use

And for the 2nd application I have shutdown the service for first one and then have to start service for 2nd app. And have to use same url

Any one can help me what should I do if I want to run the url like

Please help me.. I really need this asap...

Thanks in Advance

Regards Zangs Dev

You can always assign the port to use... :3000 is just the default.

ruby script/server --port=3000 for the first app ruby script/server --port=3001 for the next etc, etc

You need to do virtual hosting for this. I suggest you look into setting up Nginx ( with some mongrel clusters in the back. Google has a ton of how-tos.

Also, have a look at Rack, its a http hub for any app (rails or not)