How can I contribute with ?

Hi everyone.
I was looking for a helper definition (create_table) and I've noticed
that the documentation in is incomplete.
It's not covering the "sexy migration" options to defining the columns
like "t.string :name". It's just showing "t.column :name, :string"

There is a note about this "sexy" way of create tables in

Actually my question is: how can I contribute with updates and changes
like that in ?

Thank you all !!

The second example shows this:

BUT either way since that's basically just the rdoc output,
contributing to the documentation is the same as contributing to Rails
itself (except you're adding comments instead of code :slight_smile: )

True, but the docrails fork of rails (
docrails) is setup specifically for contributions to documentation
(since the usual patch workflow is a bit overkill for just
documentation changes).


Hi pharrington !!!
Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:
It's very true this is the doc that I was looking for.
The unfortune is that when I look for "create_table", the link is

Again, thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Hi Frederick.
Thanks very much for the tip about docrails :wink: