rake db:migrate:reset could be added to http://guides.rubyonrails.org/migrations.html

I think it would be nice to have rake db:migrate:reset added to

I am just learning Ruby On Rails, and learned this very useful command
on IRC, as I needed to go through all my migrations from scratch.


If you clone the docrails repository (http://github.com/lifo/docrails) you'll find the guides in the railties/guides/source directory. When you fix this and provide a pull request with it added, it'll be reviewed by the documentation team and added to the official documentation.

Thanks for your assistance!

docrails has public write access - so no need to clone it. Just commit
it straight away and it'll be reviewed ( most likely by Xavier Noria )
when docrails is merged to rails/master.

Why is that some of the rake tasks have their "desc" commented?
Checked out the migrate reset task now since it doesn't appear in rake