How are path segments in Rails 3? needed for upgrade of translate_routes plugin

I have been trying to upgrade the translate_routes plugin from Rails 2
to 3.
Looking into the Rails 3 source, I can't seem to gem a grip on how the
Path Segments are handled now.
Maybe it has to do with the new Rack way of doing things?

Fx a url could have a date at the end in the form of :yy/:mm/:dd,
which you don't want to translate. The route posts/:id on the other
hand has a static part 'posts' (static segment) which you could
translate, whereas the :id is a dynamic segment.
Then you would look up the static segments in a locale file to
translate it to the action to execute... poste (french) mapped to
action posts#index

My attempt at a Rails 3 port

Original Rails 2 version

Example of Rails 2 use of static segments taken from the Rails 2
version of translate_routes:

       def self.original_static_segments
          static_segments = []
          (@@original_routes || Routes.routes).each do |r|
   do |s|
              static_segments << s.value if s.instance_of?

What is the Rails 3 equivalent I wonder?

If used in combination with the I18n plugin by Sven Fuchs, this would
allow for a complete i18n Rails 3 solution I think.