routing Translated Paths

Happy new 2013 ! we’re still on our nice blue planet !!

I am using translated path in my project, working fine

scope ‘/:locale’ do

scope(:path_names => { :new => I18n.t(:new, :scope => :paths), :edit => I18n.t(:edit, :scope => :paths) }) do

resources :contacts, :only => [:new, :create], :path => I18n.t(:contacts, :scope => :paths)

resources :portfolios, :only => [:show], :path => I18n.t(:portfolios, :scope => :paths)

resources :craftworks, :only => [:index, :show], :path => I18n.t(:craftworks, :scope => :paths)

resources :posts, :only => [:index, :show], :path => I18n.t(:posts, :scope => :paths)


starting the app with the default locale being :fr, I get all the routes translated … BUT

when a user switch the locale to :en, then the resources paths are translated to english… but not the path_names :

:new and edit are still in french … what could be wrong ?

thanks for feedback

[SOLVED] found the gem rails-translate-routes … so easy !