Hello i have an domain in .рф (РФ is the first TLD, where domain names are put in Cyrillic script only.) (see also http://teimos.ru/x/punycode/) i'm trying to get working routes in cyrillic like http://теймос.рф/привет (XN--E1AIJIPB.XN--P1AI/XN--B1AGH1AFP) to welcome#index (for example) i tryed different ways but no luck with them all...

in Gemfile ---------------\ gem 'i18n_routing'

I think the problem can be your encoding. Try change this for your language .

Sorry just i don’t know more.

Att Andre http://www.andrefonseca.net

You might have better luck in the rails-i18n group:


It also looks like there is one specific to the routing plugin:


Hope that helps, Walter