How about add a method to truncate a long text more smart?

I'd use it either in a validation or a callback to the model.

The truncate result is pool mostly time, so i think a more meaningful is useful

在 2013年6月2日星期日UTC+8上午4时30分12秒,tamouse写道:

I can't parse this, sorry....

I mean the result use content_truncate is more meaningful for user

sorry about my poor English.

So, this would be something you'd use in a view? If so, it should go in a helper.

more than that, you can use it to produce your summary and save it into database.

I think it’s a universal function, and we need not to limit it. just expand String

If you want to, go ahead. Put it in a module, then send :include to String with your module name.

If you really did not want suggestions, why did you ask for them? If you already have an answer you are settled on, why open things up? Just do it, see what you get.

I am sorry about your misunderstand, Thanks for your advices.