Hivelogic Install Instructions for OS X

I decided to check out Dan's awesome tutorial for RoR and I have a little problem...

The first part there, where you make sure the path is correct, I cannot get to work.

mate ~/.bash_login

This does not work for me, although I have TextMate installed. It simply says "mate: command not found". Did anyone else use these instructions for creating their local environment? I used Locomotive originally, but I want to use the Hivelogic tutorial this time.

Can anyone point me in the right direction here? Thanks!

Try this in terminal. sudo ln -s /Applications/ /bin/ mate - Richard

Or go into TextMate's Help menu and choose Terminal Usage and click the Create Link button.



Thanks! This command worked perfectly.

Now however, I am having another small problem.....

I followed the instructions for installing Ruby Gems, which appears to have installed fine. Next, I am attempting to install Rails by using the following the command...

sudo gem install rails --include-dependencies

When I execute this, I get the following error....

sudo: gem: command not found

I am kinda stuck here as I am not familiar enough with the command line to continue. Any ideas on what may be wrong here that I can try?


Never mind, I found the problem!


Thank you very much!! This was perfect and easy.

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