Hey all I just made a site which has a lot of solutions to common errors with rails!

It’s a blog where I run into a bunch of common or edge cases and I actually figure them out!

Setting up rails with nginx

figaro and capistrano

and a bunch of other topics… I will be posting weekly depending on how many road blocks I actually do hit

its located at http://blog.staycreativedesign.com

Just trying to give back to the community which has given so much to me in terms of helping me get where I am today!

Good job Gustavo.



Yes, well done, indeed. :smiley:
We should all write more about stuff we learn.

Mine is at http://swaac.tamouse.org but I don’t want to steal Gustavo’s thunder. Go see his!

Nice! Thank you for sharing your learnings, hope you can motivate more people to do the same!