Anybody interesting in sharing some rails tips?

Hi all,

I've just lauched a site called handy rails tips. I built this app
because I fancied having someplace to share rails ideas and also write
about new stuff I've discovered.

I figured there would be other rails users in the same boat as me so
the site is open to anyone who wants to write.
Just create an account and log in.

I hope at least some of you find it useful



having just quickly glanced at the homepage, have already gotten at
least 2 immediately useful tips.

bookmarked it and seems promising for the longer term.



I would suggest harvesting tips from this forum.
There are hundreds and hundreds of replies to questions in here.
Not sure though doubling up serves a better purpose than looking through the forums though.

The biggest problem with ror is it keeps changing so tips can go out of date.

just my two cents worth


Again, sorry for the late reply.

I built the site with changes in mind, tips can be updated easily
enough so, provided the authors kept them up to date, changes in rails
shouldn't be a problem.

I'll start scouring the forums for some potential tip info - thanks
for the tip!