An Update for my "Fan"

On the assumption that someone here might actually occasionally read my blog often enough to notice.

It’s been down since sometime last Wednesday.

I’ve been aware of it since Wednesday night, and I’ve been working on bringing it back.

If you’re not interested, move along, these aren’t the droids you are looking for. I apologize if you see this multiple times, but I cross-posted it to the ruby/rails related lists to which I subscribe.

The blog, (and a few other public websites) is hosted on a server in my house. Sometime on Wednesday March 11, 2009, that server suffered a catastrophic failure. It looks like the IDE controller went bad and took out one of the drives. I’ve since acquired a replacement server box from a very generous friend, and I’m considering how to proceed.

It’ll probably take a few days, and I might not be able to recover the latest articles and comments, but I wanted to let anyone who was interested, if such a person exists, what was up.