Heroku.... I'm sceptical

So I've tried to post three times to post to the Heroku Google
Group. http://blog.heroku.com/archives/2008/2/11/heroku_mailing_list/

However it is moderated and they FILTER questions!!! My questions
were filtered and they weren't even critical, just asking some basics.

Sure there has been a lot of buzz recently about 40,000 apps. But I
bet a lot of that figure is people toying around with the free

Anyway....... I think a sign of a GOOD host is one that has an OPEN
user forum where people can trouble shoot issues with each other.

If you stand by your product, you would not be afraid of this.

Having my emails ignored and filtered is a bad sign, imo

First, I see no proof offered, just a rant against something none of us can verify.

Second, Google Groups is horrible about spam. You can set up a Google Groups, NEVER tell it to anyone, and you will have spam showing up within days, if not sooner. Given that this list is new, the Heroku team have probably done what a lot of people have done: Moderate messages on new members.

So Third, I would guess that the Heroku people responsible for the Group simply haven’t gotten around to approving your message OR you titled your message to look like spam and it was thrown away.

Besides, all that, this is a bit rude. How about you get a hold of Heroku first, asking them what’s going on, before you assume they are out to get you and you start throwing FUD everywhere?


Heroku uses a mailing list, which *they* administrate -- privately.
If you have a problem with them you can always contact *their* list




I'm with Heroku. I took a quick look, and I'm not sure what's going
on. You show up in the google group as posting - "allowed", so there
shouldn't be any restrictions. The spam filters on both sides are so
bad at this point that messages do seem to randomly disappear. We're
not super happy with google groups right now for this. I promise
though, we don't in any way censor or filter any content at all. As
Jason points out, we do have moderation on the first post for new
members to make sure they aren't spam bots - before we turned this on
the list was totally useless due to s/n =~ 0.

If you've got any questions, feel free to drop us a line at support@
if you can't get the google group working. I've also found that
sometimes posting through the google group web interface works where
email doesn't.


About *your* account that *you* pay for.

As for proof... well I'm just saying I got my messages filtered out.

This group is highly active with relatively low spam, imo.

Yeah, Heroku isn't that quick with their mailing list, or the open
discussion part of their support site (support.heroku.com), but
whenever I've filed a support ticket with them there, they've been
really good about being on it right away. I'm not sure why there's
such a big difference, but if it's something urgent, try them there.

Of course, they may be slow now because of the holiday, and I really
wouldn't blame them for it.

You're paying for an account? From their support page (linked on the
top right of heroku.com):

"If you're experiencing a problem with your app, the best way to
ensure a timely response is to submit a ticket. Using the ticket
system will allow you to communicate directly with our support staff,
and receive email updates as soon as there's activity on your


Yes that's well and good and I have started doing that.

I'm disappointing they sensor their discussion list.

It's a sign of a good host to have an active community, and to be up
front about things.

Well I just got a heroku guy responding personally. Can't fault
personal service :slight_smile:

So I, at least, am happy :slight_smile: