Help with Redbox Styling and auto-resizing like Lightbox?

Hi all,

Redbox I think is by far the easiest to implement in Rails as a light- box/modal pop-up solution. Even more so if you want to avoid using JQuery.

It would however be sweeter if it has better styling and that cool auto-resizing thing that lightbox does. I couldnt find anything online that addressed this problem (although I HAVE seen the feature in many sites). So I thought ill start a discussion here.. Some notes..

-Lightbox accomplishes auto-resizing by using the image's size attributes. This however, is not available in the case of forms (which is probably the biggest use-case for something like Redbox in Rails apps).

-How can the resizing visual effect be accomplished using Prototype +Scriptaculous?

-RB_window is the css id in redbox.css which ive been playing with for repositioning. Thats probably where most of the styling for this should go (?)

-Using the original code, the redbox always appears at the top of the viewport/window and widthwise center of it regardless of the scroll position (dont know about others). How does one make it appear at the center of the viewport (heightwise as well as widthwise) no matter the scroll position.

Hope this generates enough interest to answer some of these questions.