new plugin: "redbox", a lightbox/thickbox clone with nice rails integration

Hi folks,

I've written a little plugin to use for displaying a block of html over a page while fading out the background. This is like the lightbox.js library, and all it's related offshoots (thickbox, greybox, etc.). My plugin, Redbox, is not really any better than these others (in fact, it's less mature, and less tested), but it builds on prototype and scriptaculous, is available as a rails plugin, provides easy to use helpers, and unlike the other libraries, works very well with rails' ajax functionality.

If anyone might find this usefull, installation instructions, a demo, and a much more detailed description is available at:



Hey Craig,

Sweet lib.

Was looking at using the ThickBox for another project (albeit not in Rails).

It is a nice alternative for the Dialog_helper plugin that Technoweenie built awhile back, as that lib from what I could tell didn't permit any html inclusion like ThickBox.

In any case, nice addition.

One thing I did notice on FF 1.5 for Mac, is the fade to gradient is somewhat chunky. The demo worked great though.


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