Got Redbox or Thickbox experience?


I could use some feedback / assistance from anyone who’s used either one of Redbox or Thickbox with Rails. I’ve got Redbox functioning but ‘had’ to do some stuff to make it work (e.g., fixing the size of the Redbox window) that’s either 1) my ignorance of how Redbox is supposed to be used, or 2) a bad assumption on my part that Redbox is intended to provide all of the Thickbox functionality (like the ability to specify the size of the content when it’s ‘fed’ to Redbox. I haven’t been able to Google up anything beyond using Redbox to display one type / size of content. I really need to be able to just send content of arbitrary, but furnished, size (via Ajax / RJS) to the Redbox window and have it display properly. Does it have that capability? Or do I need to use Thickbox (and how tough is that?). Any help is greatly appreciated.

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