Help with RadRails...

Hi everyone,

I hope someone can help with some RadRails guidance... ( on WIndows XP )

I've been using UltraEdit and it's Project management is good, but I feel RadRails should be better with the inbuild Ruby and RoR features...

I've tried working through the tutorials on the web site for example the CookBook tutorial & it tells me to go the Generators Pane, which I find, but then it tells me to select an open project in the Rails Navigator, so I go there, but don't know what to do. I have the project open that I am working with - so I'm just pulling my hair out going round and round in circles - it can't be this hard !!!!

Anyone using RadRails and can help I would very much appreciate it !

TIA - Dave Porter

what web site are you looking at?

did you create your project in radrails?

in order to use the generators, you need to have the project open and selected, or a file or directory in the project selected. then go to the generator pane, select what generator you want to use (controller, model, etc), enter a name, and click 'go' button.

Keyword is 'selected'.

Thanks for your help guys, but I just can't get past the generator tab- page telling me to select an open rails project...

The project exists, I have files open from the project, the server is running, but that's it !!!

I can see the two projects that exist both in the Rails Navigator, but which one is 'Selected' ? I can't see anything in the menus or navigators that tells me what project is 'Open' at any one time, they all seem to just be visible.

Just played around some more and it must be something to do with the way I'm creating projects. I go through the project wizard and all seems OK. Then I create the webrick server for that project, but when I click browse, nothing happens. So I put in the name of the project and it seems OK. But I'm guesing that is not right ??? I also seem to only be allowed one server to be configured. When I create a second one the previous one dispears. I'm guessing I don't have to create a new server everytime I switch projects ?

Thanks Again !

cheers, Dave

Hi Miguel, That is now apparent to me, but how do you 'select' a project.

I right click on the project name, no 'select' option ( but there is a 'close project' option ) If I try double clicking the name, that just opens and closes the tree for that project.

I know I'm going to be kicking myself when I get this, but is just not obvious !

cheers, Dave

i just click once on anything in that project (highlighted in gray) and the console works for me for that project. I can have a layout select in the project and the console works.

hth john

If it is of any help, here is an image of what it looks like.... Dave

Forgot to mention, when I browse within RadRails, It works OK & see the correct results that I expect... So the server must be configured and working correctly... Dave

sorry for the "is it plugged in" question, but is it configured correctly? go to window > preferences

i attached a screen shot of my set up. I use instant rails.

Thanks John,

I don't use instant rails, but one thing I did notice is that it won't let me enter just 'rake' in the second setting, it only allows rake.bat, else it complains about the entry

Also I don't have a mongrel_rails file in my bin folder ? Is that necessary ?

regards, Dave Porter

Hi Josh,

I understand that - but I have NEVER seen anything in the generator pane other than the message for me to select an open project !

And I have done exactly what you have described...

regards, Dave

I know i'm not much help but when I first added radrails I had trouble with the console. I think then I upgraded my instant rails and it seems to work now. I used the command line alot.

I guess instant rails is now using mongrel i'm not sure about webrick as a server. sorry


Thanks John,

I don’t use instant rails, but one thing I did notice is that it won’t

let me enter just ‘rake’ in the second setting, it only allows rake.bat, else it complains about the entry

The one-click installer has subsumed the “rake” file into its own “rake.bat”. The next release will include both files (Instant Rails already does this). If you use Instant Rails and install RadRails in the Instant Rails base directory, then RadRails will automatically be configured with all the proper paths.

Also I don’t have a mongrel_rails file in my bin folder ? Is that necessary ?

If you want to develop with the Mongrel web server (instead of the WEBrick server), then you have to install Mongrel (in a console window, run the command: “gem install mongrel”). These days Mongrel has become the preferred server for Rails.


Thanks for the clarification Curt,

I'll have to give this away and go back to UltraEdit for now as I've wasted way too much time on this - plus with all my mucking around I've broken my Apache server, so I can't run phpMyAdmin anymore !@#$%

cheers - Dave


from that image, it doesn't look like your project is a rails project specifically because there is no "rails" symbol on the project folder in the navigator.

see attached image for what i am talking about.