Help: Webmonkey's Rails example NOT working on Bluehost

I need some help in getting my first Rails application going. Operating environment background - Hosting Provider: Bluehost - ruby, rails, apache: all ok and ready to go. I have written many ruby programs in this environment which all work. - Browsers used for testing: Chrome, IE - MySQL: I have many Databases up and running in this environment

Rails example being used: Start an Online Business & Make Money Doing It | WebMonkey

Step1: Created MySQL database and table per the Webmonkey spec - I actually added 1 extra column to the table.

Step2: Create starter framework: rails Bookmarker cd Bookmarker

Edit 'config/database.yml' and modified 1st stanza with database just created

Generate component components of application: ruby ./script/generate scaffold Bookmark

OK SO FAR. I really want to use the Apache Web Server (already installed and available) instead of WEBrick but to keep things simple I will stick with WEBRICK

Start WEBrick server: ruby ./script/server # Starts successfully

Try to access using Chrome (which works on all other websites I have in my account) with # Didn't work # Didn't work

I am going to assume the reason for the failure is because WEBrick must be behind a firewall i.e. Bluehost's.

Help needed 1. Resolve the above issue 2. Switch from the WEBrick to Apache server

Please help!.


Just set up on Bluehost a test ruby project by using their tutorials.

You will also need to enable FCGI explained at:


Dear Tom,

Thxs for the links to the bluehost articles.

I followed and executed step by step article '000207' without any hitches.

I also followed and executed step by step article '000493' to try to eliminate the '404 Not Found' error BUT still getting it.

Any ideas / pointers on how to fix?


Sounds like it's a problem with Bluehost's documentation, have you tried asking them about it?


Dear Eric,

Thxs for the suggestion - I have followed up on it - Bluehost support (as I expected) are not very knowledgeable in this area - not sure how long they will take to respond - will also be trying Bluehost forums but most of the info appears to be stale without resolutions.

All other group members - Is there anybody in this or any other rails group who is successfully running rails applications on Bluehost hosting service?


Dear All,

I have my first RoR (very simple text book) application up and running on Bluehost. Final solution was a combination of a) Tom's suggestions to use Bluehost knowlege base articles

b) Eric's suggestion to talk to Bluehost support. It took quite a while, went through many support desk people by phone and many helpdesk ticket submissions.

Tom, Eric, Thank You.

Once I find the time I will try to document the entire process to make it easier for other people.

A simple suggestion for other other people 1. Follow the documentation provided by your service provider (if any) on their example application to get started. 2. Then apply to your own application.