Help Radio button

Hi i'm fairly new to ruby on rails and i'm creating a form using simple_form and in one bit i have radio buttons and say i have 3 buttons a,b,c so i want it to be if a is pressed then certain text fields show, and if b is pressed a different set of text fields show and similarly for c. Can anyone help me on this?

This is a JavaScript thing, not really specific to Rails. Coincidentally, I just made this sort of behavior in a Drupal site this morning. For this form, there were fields that made sense for postal mail subscribers that did not make sense for email subscribers. So I added a classname to each of the field wrappers -- either 'postal' or 'email' and used that to make my behavior work:

This is using Prototype, I am sure you can use jQuery or "vanilla" JavaScript if that's your thing.


Maybe you can look at these screencasts and learn how to dynamically add form elements using javascript and then adapt it for your case as needed.