List of radio buttons

I need to create in RoR 2.3.5 a list of questions ( the number of
questions will be changing). The answers will be near to each of the
these questions in radiobuttons (let's say 3 radios near each of
thequestions). After having compleated all of these questions I would
like to read all the answers and using ONE update insert them to the
database(mySQL). Is it possible to create this functionality without

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Of course. You're describing a basic form. Why would you think you
need JavaScript to submit it and process the data?

Or am I misunderstanding your goal?

Thanks Hassan for your answer. However I don't know how to define the
radiobuttons (in such a way that a different answer can be checked for
different questions). And I don't know how to read all the user's
answers. Could you try to paste a bit of code?

Smok wrote:

Heh. Beat me by a minute :slight_smile:

I was going to suggest that the OP has apparently never read this
<> and that it'd be
an excellent place to start...

Thanks guys for your responses. For the future - it would be great if
you could to give some kind of hint or high level description how to
approach soloving the problem. Such as reading about FORM, some links
would be great. Thanks !

Uh, isn't that exactly what I did? :slight_smile: