has_many :through question.

in your Bed-model add
  has many :bookings, :through => :booking_items

then you should be able to call
  bookings_for_bed_1 = Bed.find(1).bookings


I added that and could get the bookings for a bed. but i wanted to get
the bookings for a room using an association like:


i tried adding this using the nested has many plugin:

has_many :bookings, :through => :booking_items

to Room. but i got this error message.

Mysql::Error: Unknown column
'booking_items.roomActiveRecord::StatementInvalid: Mysql::Error: Unknown
column 'booking_items.room_id' in 'where clause': SELECT `bookings`.*
FROM `bookings` INNER JOIN booking_items ON bookings.id =
booking_items.booking_id WHERE ((`booking_items`.room_id = 1))

Am i better off just adding Room_Id to the BookingItem model and
effectively denormalising it??

Thanks for the help.