Handling SOAP XML request and Response

Hi all,

I have a SOAP XML request coming from a VB6.0 application, which I
have to handle in my ROR application.
After the request is handled, i have to parse the request and check
the extracted values in the database according to the checking i have
to send a Response to the VB6.0 application.
Please tell me the procedure how can i used SOAP XML in ROR
application for handling these activities.

Please help me.

Thanks and Regards.

Hi Shripad,

the soap4r gem will help you. http://dev.ctor.org/soap4r

There is also a Google Group: http://groups.google.com/group/soap4r

Regards Christoph

Hi Christopher,

Thanks for such a quick response.
I joined the group and post the same post over there i hope i will get
a reply.
Do u have any details about the SOAP XML With ROR application
because i couldn't able to find a nice material for this on net

again thanks for u r quick response.

Thanks and regards,


This I believe is the latest work going on with SOAP in Rails. As you're
probably discovering Rails has become opinionated on how to do web
services and have chosen REST over SOAP. While this is the right choice,
IMHO, there are times when some of us have to interact with SOAP.
Hopefully there will be a community of developers keeping the above gem
up-to-date, but don't expect that to be the Rails core team.

Hopefully, one day the REST of the world will wake up and realize that
SOAP contains way to much accidental complexity and finally put it to

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