gruff graphs. getting it working

I have had a very hard time trying to get the gruff graphs gem working. i have the rails recipes book and wasn't intimidated when it said it could get kinda hairy installing gruff and more specifically the evil prerequisites ImageMagick and RMagick.

i read and tried installing from source code. i think that evil clown has cursed me.

was so annoyed by my experience trying to set this up that i looked at some alternatives.. all i found was scruffy and sparklines.. scruffy doesn't do pie charts which is what i think would work the best for the reports i specifically have in mind. sparklines does little itty bitty icon graphs.. not exactly what i'm looking for but the page shows examples of the tiny graphs being scaled up. anyway, also tried getting that working.. no dice. maybe i'm just an idiot, but i didn't have any problem getting other gems and plugins working.

any help would greatly be appreciated.


Its true getting rmagick and image magick working can be a pain in the ass. Here is an install script I made for getting at least gruff working. Its a modified version of Geoff Grosenbach's install. Im assuming you are using a mac.

mkdir src cd src

#Libtools echo downloading Libtools curl -O tar -zxvf libtool-1.5.22.tar.gz cd libtool-1.5.22 ./configure make sudo make install cd ..

#JPEG Source echo downloading JPEG plugin curl -O tar -zxvf jpegsrc.v6b.tar.gz cd jpeg-6b ./configure make sudo make install sudo make install-lib sudo ranlib /usr/local/lib/libjpeg.a cd ..

#Libpng echo downloading PNG plugin curl -O tar -zxvf libpng-1.2.8-config.tar.gz cd libpng-1.2.8-config ./configure --enable-shared --enable-static make sudo make install cd ..

#Ghostscript echo downloading ghostscript curl -O tar -zxvf ghostscript-8.50-gpl.tar.gz cd ghostscript-8.50-gpl ./configure make sudo make install cd ..

#Freetype echo downloading freetype curl -O tar -zxvf freetype-2.1.10.tar.gz cd freetype-2.1.10 ./configure make sudo make install cd ..

#Imagemagick echo downloading imagemagick curl -O tar -zvxf ImageMagick-6.2.7-8.tar.gz cd ImageMagick-6.2.7 ./configure --with-modules --with-perl=/usr/bin/perl --with-jpeg --with-jp2 --enable-shared --disable-static --without-magick-plus-plus make sudo make install cd ..

sudo gem install rmagick sudo gem install gruff

Best of luck.

stewbawka wrote:

i appreciate the reply.. unfortunately i am not on a mac.. i'm on fedora core 4. but thanks anyway, appreciate it

for the most part that script should work...just change curl -O to wget