Google analytics getting appended to url

    We are getting routing errors like the following in our production

No route matches "/cart/" with

We can't replicate the error without directly specifying the entire
url. We don't know where the / is coming
from. It doesn't look like that actual url is being entered. It looks
more like it is being appended somehow automatically. I guess it could
be rails or apache or somehow analytics. If anyone has any input or
needs further information let me know.

? Are you saying you're not using Google analytics? It certainly looks
like you're including it somewhere but with an incomplete URL. What
does the `view generated source` for one of the pages in question look
like? (A link to such a page would obviously help us non-clairvoyants.)

What do you mean 'we are getting routing errors'? Do you mean that
they are appearing in the log as a result of some external source
asking for that url, or is it one of your own pages linking to that
url. If you cannot tell this from the logs then enable a higher level
of logging in production so you can find out.