Does anybody have an example of using Google Analytics to track unique pages?

I posted two days ago asking how this group tracks their traffic and
received the reply "Google Analytics?"

I Googled on "Rails Analytics" and have gone about 20 pages back
without finding any explanations of how one installs and implements
this into their code.

I own most Rails books and find no mention of this in their indexes.

Could someone share what the code looks like when they are looking to
understand how often a SHOW action is performed on a particular

Or just how this is installed in a generic Rails application.

Thank you,

?! Uh, yeah. It's actually "Google Analytics": the name of the product
(used to be called Urchin 'til Google bought the company).

And it just involves sticking a snippet of JavaScript in your pages. It
may or may not be what you're looking for, but it's free for the basic
functionality, so...