Google analytics integration

I want to track all the data and user interactions through google
analytics for my entire website which is built with rails.

I added a script that I found online that looks like it works but I dont
know how to certainly validate that. In my google analytics dashboard
it shows visitors coming to my page but never leaving the index page. I
think its only tracking that page and no others because I went on my
page the other day and clicked through some of my other pages just to
test the analytics out.

does any one have a resource on how to implement this correctly?

Below is the script file I have in assets/javascript

class @GoogleAnalytics

  @load: ->
    # Google Analytics depends on a global _gaq array. window is the
global scope.
    window._gaq = []
    window._gaq.push ["_setAccount", GoogleAnalytics.analyticsId()]

    # Create a script element and insert it in the DOM
    ga = document.createElement("script")
    ga.type = "text/javascript"
    ga.async = true
    ga.src = ((if "https:" is document.location.protocol then
"https://ssl" else "http://www")) + ""
    firstScript = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]
    firstScript.parentNode.insertBefore ga, firstScript

    # If Turbolinks is supported, set up a callback to track pageviews
on page:change.
    # If it isn't supported, just track the pageview now.
    if typeof Turbolinks isnt 'undefined' and Turbolinks.supported
      document.addEventListener "page:change", (->
      ), true

  @trackPageview: (url) ->
    unless GoogleAnalytics.isLocalRequest()
      if url
        window._gaq.push ["_trackPageview", url]
        window._gaq.push ["_trackPageview"]
      window._gaq.push ["_trackPageLoadTime"]

  @isLocalRequest: ->
    GoogleAnalytics.documentDomainIncludes "local"

  @documentDomainIncludes: (str) ->
    document.domain.indexOf(str) isnt -1

  @analyticsId: ->
    # your google analytics ID(s) here...


Caveat: I didn't bother to read all your JS - I just put the analytics
JS snippet in a partial and include it in the footer of my layout.


There is a gem to add google analytics. Check google-analytics-rails.
May be a little old but old and new GA works almost in the same way.