Good rails 3.1 book

Hi, I read the Ruby on Rails Tutorial - Learn by Example book and I’m looking for a good rails 3.1 book to learn rails 3.1 and TDD (also to get a more advanced book maybe)

Anyone have any recommendations?

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Agile Web Development with Ruby on Rails (Pragmatic Programmers)

Rails 3 in Action (Manning Press) is also a great place to start has amazing screencasts that cover a wide range of topics


I found these books much useful

  1. rails 3 in action
  2. The rails 3 way

The book ends at the version 3 of rails , currently.

It should not make any difference… You can always find latest release notes with every rails version…

is the Agile book written entirely in rails 3.1?

Are those books written for rails 3.1?

Rodrigo Ruiz wrote in post #1020627:

is the Agile book written entirely in rails 3.1?

Rails 3.1 was released last week. There are no rails 3.1 books.

As far as I know, there are no books that target Rails 3.1 specifically. You should be able to start with any of the books suggested here, and then browse the Rails documentation to get up to speed on Rails 3.1


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Thanks. (which is free to use online) has a section on 3.1.


The beta version has been there for sometime right?

The eBook version of Agile Web Development with Rails (the latest, fourth edition) has already been updated for Rails 3.1:

I don't believe they have produced a new printing of the physical dead-tree version yet, so if you buy that then you'll have a book that covers Rails 3.0.


Thank you, I was going to get the ebook anyway.


I am the main author of Rails 3 in Action.

During June, I worked hard on upgrading this book to support the 3.1
release. Our work then was pretty decent and relevant to Rails 3.1
final, as it turns out. Since then, the book has been undergoing the
long, drawn-out production phase that most books go through...

But! I am told the book is going to print TOMORROW. It will be
available for the first time at the StrangeLoop conference in around
two weeks and bookstores and online shortly thereafter.

I'll say that the book *doesn't* cover the Asset Pipeline stuff, but
it also doesn't cover Internationalisation. This is because they both
have fantastic guides that cover that information, and putting it in
the book would just be repeating what is there. I'd rather not do that

The major "thing" of the book is that it gives you a pretty
comprehensive walkthrough of building an application from the ground-
up using RSpec + Cucumber and, I've heard, does it in a nice easy-
going manner.

In Chapter 17, we show how to build an engine and integrate it with an
application, which is really solid in Rails 3.1 now, and we also show
Capybara request spec testing. Chapter 18 covers Rack applications and
how to hook them into the application as well.

I'm sure you'll find lots of great and interesting stuff in the
*other* 16 chapters also!

If you have any questions about the book, I'd be more than happy to
answer them on the Manning Author Forum for the book over here (http://

Thank you so much for your interest, and thanks to Sandip Ransing for
the recommendation!

You can get an updated version of Agile Web Development With Rails by
Pragmatic Programmers.

I have downloaded the latest but I have not gone through it enough to
know how different it is from 3.0 to 3.1

More info here:

Do you know if the Agile Web Development book covers that new authentication and authorization way for rails 3.1?

What about the Rails 3 Action for that part?

Thank you guys,

Thank you a lot.