Goldberg 0.1.2 released -- Ajax Scaffold support!

This release adds Ajax Scaffold support to Goldberg, the website
development tool for Ruby on Rails.

The main site template -- application.rhtml -- will look to see if the
Ajax Scaffold stylesheets and javascripts exist, and if so it will
include links to them. For users who don't use Ajax Scaffold, no action
is required.

Database support is also improved in this version: the dumps for MySQL
and PostgreSQL should be more reliable and compatible across different
versions of MySQL and PostgreSQL.

ActiveRecord session storage is no longer enabled by default for
Goldberg (although you can re-enable it if you want by editing your
environment.rb file). It was causing problems for Windows users; but
UNIX/Linux users should continue to have no problems with ActiveRecord
storage of sessions.

This release also fixes a number of bugs, and features a cleanup of the
session/authorisation code.

Overall this release should clear up most of the outstanding bugs and
reliability issues, so we can start focusing on improvements. Please
contact us with feedback (good and bad) so we can prioritise

Goldberg can be downloaded from the Rubyforge project site:

Visit the Goldberg website for further information: