Goldberg website tool: new version 0.1.1 released

Goldberg is a website development tool for Ruby on Rails that provides user management, role-based security, site navigation via menus that are dynamic depending on each user's role, and content pages (a very basic CMS).

This release adds support for PostgreSQL, so Goldberg now supports this and MySQL 5. It also includes some streamlining of the Role caching code.

Please see the Goldberg homepage at or the Rubyforge Project page at for more information.

I'd be happy to answer any questions. Please post replies to this message.

I was about to RTF…wait…no M :frowning:

Hi Pratik,

Check out the website, especially on the left-hand side: "Installation" and "Usage". The "Usage" section contains a simple scenario that illustrates how Goldberg works.

Goldberg also includes documentation within it: once you set it up and browse to it, the navigation pages that come out-of-the-box explain where to go to do different things.

Admittedly the documentation is incomplete -- it's a very new product. If you have specific points where the documentation is unclear or more detail is required, I'd be happy to address that as a matter of priority.

Thanks, Urbanus

Hi Urbanus,

When I tried to install this on an existing app, it wanted to override my application.rb controller file. So I created an empty project and installed this. But then I got an error saying Role ID not found.

Thanks, Pratik

Looks cool.I am gonna try out in the weekend.

Hi Pratik,

Sounds odd. Were you able to restore the starter database successfully? It should have 11 tables and 2 views in it.

If you e-mail me directly (urbanus at 240gl dot org) with some further information I'll see if I can help. Could you please send me:

* The error page that was displayed in your browser. * Your Rails log file (log/development.log) and if you are using FastCGI its log too (log/fastcgi.crash.log).

Regards, Urbanus

Yeah. Will do that. Also, would be cool if you can just have migration file instead of sql.

Thanks, Pratik

I liked the idea! I am definitely going to try it today! thanks Urbanus!!!

Regards, Anil Wadghule