ajax_scaffold demo

Shauna wrote:

I've been working my way through installing AjaxScaffold 3.1.0 and
getting the associations_demo working. I've been correcting my various
misinterpretations (and outright guesses sometimes) to get thing working
but this one has me stumped. The forms all come up fine, but whenever I
click on a Create, Update, Edit, Delete, or even a Cancel link, the
little "working" animated ring comes up and never goes away. The action
is not performed and no error message appears, only the ring keeps

Does this scenario ring a bell for anyone who's used (or created - hint,
hint to Richard White) this demo? I'm new to Ruby and Rails, and I
haven't learned yet how to set a breakpoint and step through my code.
Can anyone point me to the right areas to look and maybe give a quick
simple instruction on how to set a breakpoint there and step through? I
am not coming from a Java or PHP background; I'm a desktop database
application developer who wants to create a web-based version of an

I messed something up between pet and pets and have been making little
corrections all along. Maybe that's a clue? By the way, it would be
helpful for newbies to this demo to have the setup instructions from
beginning to end in one place, including the expected table structure.
This is such an amazing demo that does a big piece of what I need
Rails/Ajax to do.

Thanks, Shauna

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I've encountered this only when the server was not runing.

do a ps -x | grep server

you should see a line containing "ruby script/server"