Git Installation In Windows XP

    I am trying to install GIT on windows XP, but after installing
Git-, could not able to establish the
connection. I followed the
link for setup.
But unfortunately I got the error "permission denied(public key)"-

I also tried to add the path according to

Expecting your kind help regarding above problem.

any help regarding this issue will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Follow these steps.

  1. Make a demo rails apps.
  2. Generate a ssh-key on git prompt
  3. Go on git-hub Register there - Then add a ssh-key there
  4. then make global setting
  5. then do what you are doing

Dear Mr Rajeev
                    Can you please give me a little details about
global settings?
                    I did up to step 3 before.

`git config --global “Your Name”;

git config --global “your`

if fails yet look at this

hey does you got success ?

Dear Mr Rajeev...

              I could not able to check it due to some unavoidable
situation. I will check it on coming Monday. And surely give you an
reply. Thanks a lot Mr Rajeev for helping me.