Can't work with command prompt on Windows XP

Hi, collegues.

I have installed Railsinstaller 2.0.0 and have a problem
When I'm starting Command Prompt with Ruby and Rails I see the
following text

"The network path was not found.

# Rails Environment Configuration.

Your git configuration is incomplete. and are required for properly using git and
services such
as GitHub ( ).

Please enter your name, for example mine is: Wayne E. Seguin"

and suggestion to print my name

"name >"

I'm printing my name and see the following text

"Setting to myname
error: could not lock config file Z:\alexandrov/.gitconfig: No such
file or dire

Please enter your name, for example mine is: Wayne E. Seguin
name >"

I checked the global settings for git. They seems to be right and they
are situated in file

C:\Documents and Settings\aleksandrovP\.gitconfig

and looks like

  name = Pavel Alexandrov
  email ="

I'm working on Windows XP.

Could you help me to solve this problem or to suggest to where I may
write to ask this question?
I'm beginer so I can suppose that my question might be foolish but I
couldn't find any answer in the web.

Thank you! Pavel Alexandrov.

Thank you very much. I have set up the “HOME” system variable to “C:” and it works.

HOMEDRIVE system variable value was changed to “C:” from “Z:” automatically.