RoR not responding via command line

Hey all,

Now here's the problem, it is probably something simple but this problem
is preventing my productivity.

I have installed RoR on my xp machine, and it is now installed, however,
any ruby on rails commands are not recognized by cmd. every time i even
try to create a new rails program, or attempt to create a ruby script
object, cmd returns the error, 'rails' or 'ruby is not a recognized

am I missing something out?

I installed the latest version of ruby
installed rubygems
installed rails gem
installed sqlite3 gem
updated everything

I can create a rails project if I locate to C:\Ruby\bin and the type
rails 'project name', but that is as far as it goes.

Any help would be highly appreciated

Sounds like you need to add C:\Ruby\bin to your PATH environment variable.

Michael Libby wrote:

I'm on Vista these days, I think the process was similar on XP.

Right click on "(My) Computer", choose "Properties"

In Properties, look for "Advanced System Settings". Then look for
"Environment Variables". Under "System Variables" select "Path" and
click "Edit..." button.

The Path environment variable is a semicolon separated list of places
to look for executables, add something like ";C:\Ruby\bin" at the end
of the variable.

Click OK a bunch of times. Open a *new* command prompt. Try "ruby -v"
and "rails -v" to see if Ruby and Rails are working.