gettext change language temporarily?

Hello all,

Here is the scenario:

The site is multilingual as expected using gettext and that works fine.
The problem is that when I select a language (E.g German) on the site
and I want to send a semi static EMail (using ActionMailer and gettext)
to another person which has another language (stored in DB).
I am trying to find a way to temporarily set the language to the other
persons language so that his/her email is send in that language. And
after sending set it back to my language.

I have tried several things already like:

tmp = cookies[:lang]
cookies[:lang] =
params[:lang] =

I have tried the above in all possible combinations before sending the
email to the other person but nothing helped.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance

Found the solution:

GetText.locale =

before sending the mail