Get Started!!

I have limited HTML & CSS knowledge but have a passion to innovate and
to create web apps. Is ruby the right choice? How much time do i need
to dedicate to understand scripting in RoR to create robust web apps?


It would be hard to tell you how much time you need, it depends on how much you know, how fast you learn…

Ruby is a great language to work with, it is elegant and powerful, you might be able to write good code relatively quick but you will not become an expert overnight, there is a lot to learn.

Rails is a great framework, you will have fun developing applications and a great community behind, there is a learning curve, Is this the right choice for you? I don’t know. look at the resources you will have access to, compare rails to other frameworks.

I personally can tell you that I love working with rails but no ONE solution will work for everybody.

Good luck!!

How damn long do I have to sit zazen before I achieve enlightenm--
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Answer: As long as it takes you.

In my opinion there is nothing better to learn than ruby. My first steps in coding ruby felt nearly like speaking a simplified english. I didnt had this feeling in any other language I learned so far (C, C++, C#, PHP, Java, C= BASIC 2.0 up to 7.0; also tried Brainfuck, Python, ASM and many other)


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