Absolute Fresher! Help!! Need a Tutor!


I want to build a web app, as well as app for iOS and android. I have basic knowledge of HTML and CSS (Very Basic). I dont know any programming language other then that! Can i use RoR without any programming language or I need to learn any specific programming language to start using it! Please help me! Thanks in advance.

Merry Christmas and happy new year in advance!

Thank you,


You’ll need to learn ruby to be proficient with Rails (beyond the language itself, learning your first programming language usually involves getting your head around quite a few concepts). Most web apps alsoend up also needing some javascript (or coffeescript). For your mobile apps there are various approaches that avoid writing native code (eg Rhodes), so you don’t need Objective-C/Java, but you obviously still need to know how to program.


Strangely you will need to learn Ruby in order to use Ruby on Rails.
However it is possible to start by learning both at once (though if
you are going to be serious about this then probably additional
learning on Ruby will be required at some point). To get started work
right through railstutorial.org (which is free to use online). If you
can follow it then carry on, if not then go back and start with some
Ruby primers.