Gem for plotting graphs

In case anyone is interested I have published a gem which provides a
railsy interface to the flot javascript charting library. It is
designed so that it encourages MVC design, with collection of data for
plotting in the controller, and definition of plotting details in the
view/view helpers. All javascript ends up in assets, none being
injected into the view.

A particular feature is that it allows, optionally, for data to be
fetched via AJAX with scheduled refresh so it is particularly useful
for real time data. The user does not need to get into json
formatting, it is all handled by the gem.

I developed it originally for use with my weather station server,
which provides a view of the current weather, automatically updating
every minute.

If anyone has time and inclination to have a play and provide feedback
that would be great. The interface does exactly what I want but I
have no doubt that others trying to use it would rapidly point out
areas where it could be improved to make it a more useful general

It will run on rails 3.2 and 4 with ruby 1.8.7 up.

Source and instructions at
and published on github.