Ruby charting library?

I need to display some charts/graphs based upon user inputs on my web
aplication built using Ruby on Rails. Are there any charting libraries
out there that I could use with ROR for displaying simple bar, line and
pie graphs?

There's quite a few actually. You can check out HighCharts or for something even easier to learn check out Chartkick. is awesome. I used it in one of my projects. You can integrate it even using pure Javascript.

​HighChart is great but the developer licenses cost a lot.​

I use the Flot javascript library. There is a gem encapsulating this,


Hi Gerardo,

You can check the next libs out:
- chart.js (which is probably one of the most popular chart framework)
- lazy_high_charts (ported on rails. Not so nice and cool but fun and
easy to use)

Pure Ruby solution you can check out

Correct url: