Rails Library for Generating Graphs and Charts

Hello Friends,

Hope all are doing well.

I was seeking some guidance on open-source, stable, efficient and
better library (plugin/gem) for generating chars and graphs in rails.

here i am looking for graphs/charts with multiple scale in a single
axis. also i am having concerns for exporting charts in some of report
like pdf or image etc.

Please let me your thoughts/experience/guidance on this.


Use gruff charts or google charts...
Gruff Charts: http://nubyonrails.com/pages/gruff
google charts: http://blog.brijeshshah.com/google-chart-4-rails-gc4r/

This plugins helps you generating charts in form of images..

Or, the free Open Flash Chart, which uses Flash to render charts, just like google’s does:


And, ofcourse, someone already developed a plug-in for RoR:


But none of these 3 chart ‘components’ allow the user to ‘zoom in’ and ‘scroll’ the view… I’m still searching for something like this. Preferably, it would request ‘JSON’ / ‘XML’ data real-time as the user scrolls to or zooms to regions of the chart… Or did I not read the Google Chart API docs that well?

Nope. Google’s charts are straight images, so they are generally the

better choice. There is usually little reason to force Flash on your

users for something this simple.

Indeed they are, images, I saw that too. But you will not be able to generate these charts when a user is not online, would you? Or, not able to connect to google (like in a very strict intranet environment :wink: )

if you want the charts to be ‘interactive’, though, (like zooming and scrolling around the data real-time) Flash is not that bad. I admit, I hate to use it too, but OpenFlashChart is the only open source component I could find that delivers almost all this functionality without requiring a connection to some other website…

Thank You Very much friends for your valuable suggestions. i will
evaluate these various options.


I have used fusion charts and its cool, i believe there is no flash type charts that are available for free.

Syed A B.

Thanks for highlighting. Any one has used it? Any inputs on Open Flash Chart is free.

Open Flash chart works like a charm, just disable all ‘animations’ and your client will take you seriously :wink:

I have used it for a prototype application with Symfony (yes, I know, PHP…) but for the ‘real’ application I’m setting everything up with Rails.