Gem are missing

Hi All,

I am facing problem in installing gem for my application.

I installed all application dependent gem using rake gems:install but
still it showing some gem are missing ever if I installed gem
manually(sudo gem install gemname).

Gem is installed and is show by gem list command.

I tried my level best but I not found any thing.

Can you guys know what is reason?

Rahul P. Chaudhari

did you also define your gem in your application environment?
Look into environment.rb in config dir.
Then define:
config.gem 'nameofgem', 'some options if needed'
then rake gems:install
and restart your server.

Greetings Greg

Ya I did. Even gem got installed but still it give error gem is
missing and asking to run rake gems:install

Very strange, what you could do is to set the path in the config gem to the source directly maybe this works.
config.gem 'nameofgem', :source => '.....'
or to the lib
config.gem 'nameofgem', :lib => '....'

got you errors in your console when trying to require the gem?